March 23, 2023

Journey Back


It's funny how you can find something again when you thought you've left it behind.

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember; fascinated with photographs, memories that stand the test of time, and people and places unchanged. I wanted to make those images of my own, and while I did, something was always holding me back.


It wasn't until later I realized it was sometimes crippling anxiety and intrusive thoughts that told me I wasn't good enough. While it wasn't always obvious, I was also struggling with imposter syndrome and comparison.

I was quick to shut my business down when I moved away to North Florida.

To process the things I felt, to not feel as though I needed to show up online every day posting photos. It wasn't that I didn't want to show up or be there for the amazing people and connections I made along the way, however; I needed to figure out why I was feeling the way I did.

After a traumatic event, a cross-country move, a solo trip to Paris, and ongoing healing, it felt time to dip my toes in the water again.

After some encouragement, here I am! I am excited to be back creating beautiful images and see what golden hour looks like here in Dallas! Thanks for being here and following along.

-Love, Lacey